How does the event work?

Gelato Festival is the event where the most incredible gelato flavours created by skilled gelato artisans challenge each other for the title of best gelato in the world. When buy a ticket you will be given a bracelet and a map of the Festival. You can taste all the flavors in the competition as well as special flavors, attend the courses and play games at the most delicious Gelato Village there is. Don't miss your chance to vote for your favourite flavor! Each ticket can be used only once per activity.

Can one ticket be shared by multiple people?

The ticket is personal, CANNOT BE SHARED, and is valid for one day. Family and group discounts are available! To participate in every activity just show your bracelet, the stamp and the map to festival personnel.

Can I buy pints of Gelato?

TAKE OUR GELATO HOME! If you love one of our flavors, buy a pint (or two!) to take home. Get more information about our Artisan Gelato pints at the ticket booth.

What is Artisan Gelato?

Artisan Gelato is made fresh every morning by gelato chefs who have dedicated their professional careers to producing only the freshest, most lucious flavors of gelato. If you've ever tasted authentic Italian Gelato you may remember its delicate yet robust flavor. There is an art to its creation which requires a delicate balance of skill and science... A balance that only the most dedicated and high trained artisans are able to achieve.

How long will my ticket remain valid?

A ticket bought online for one of the Festivals an be redeemed at the Village in any day of that Festival at any time during opening hours. It remains valid for the entire day in which it is redeemed. Tickets purchased in the Village are valid for the entire day in which they are bought.

Can I just buy a gelato?

No, you can’t just buy a gelato, you can buy a ticket that allows you to participate in the Festival , sample all the flavors and to take part in all the activities in the Village.

How do I vote? How do I Scan?

Together with your ticket, map and bracelet, you will also receive a card with a QR Code used for voting. Then SCAN! You can scan the QR Code through your Facebook app OR you can download the code reader app.

Are there flavours for those with Celiac disease or who are intolerant to lactose?

All artisanal gelato at the Festival is produced fresh every day in the Buontalenti production area. For this reason we can’t guarantee the absence of contaminations. Sorry!

Is Gelato a natural food for everyone?

Gelato is a natural food with important nutritional components. The quality ingredients used in the making of our gelato are part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet: milk, eggs, cream, cocoa, and fresh fruit. Milk- based gelato contains protein of significant biological calue, essential amino-acids that are very useful to the body. Gelato can also be made with quality non-dairy delivered ingredients so it can be enjoyed by everyone!